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About Trust Absolutely, your trusted real estate agent

Trust Absolutely is a Lisbon-based Real Estate Consulting Firm, operating as an integral part of Transcend Group.

Drawing upon our extensive experience and solid real estate market knowledge, coupled with a multidisciplinary and client-oriented approach, we navigate the real estate landscape thoroughly and cater not only to individual buyers and sellers, but also developers, private funds, real estate agents, and investors.

Our mission is to focus on delivering unparalleled service at every stage of the process, offering top- notch turnkey solutions.

We provide personalized consulting and guidance that are meticulously tailored to each client's specific circumstances, based on the core principles ingrained in our daily operations and fundamental to both our group and company ethos.

These principles include trust, client-centricity, technical expertise, experience, and an extensive network of partners, empowering our clients to make informed decisions aligned with their unique visions and expectations.

Trust, absolutely!







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About Transcend Group

Transcend Group is a dynamic force in the Portuguese real estate sector, launching its journey in 2010.

With a diverse portfolio comprising over 75 investments, developments, and management projects, Transcend Group has firmly established itself as a prominent figure in the industry.

Our mission is to enrich communities and enhance neighborhoods by optimizing investment sustainably, transcending properties into qualitative urban developments through innovative design.

At Group Transcend, we embody a holistic approach to real estate, encompassing both development and agency services. We champion integrity, innovation, and client-centric solutions, approaching our work with prudence, pragmatism, and creativity.

Our international team is committed to finding projects with high potential in its areas of expertise, maximizing asset value, delivering optimal returns, while providing as many jobs as possible to society.


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